The future of Work is Chaos

If we want to unleash human potential, we need to accelerate it by creatively harnessing chaos. A practical example of this is a playground: kids are playful and chaotic because they have defined structures and beautiful systems driving their development.

Three Magic Things – Keeping your business cyber-secure

| Submitted by: Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics | Over the past 14 years Atlantic Data Forensics has handled hundreds of computer and network intrusions for small businesses all the way to giant multinationals. This year during a review of clients we determined that there are 3 very basic computer security things that […]

World 2.0: Survival and Pivot – Medical Equipment

| Submitted by: Ashok Kapur, CEO of HawkEye Medical, LLC | Hawkeye Medical is a 14 yr old medical equipment and supply company. Most of our business comes from doctor office referrals for medical supplies. With a majority of doctors offices not seeing regular patients, our business volume has shrunk by 80%. We are pivoting […]