Matt Aitchison – Real Estate Insights + the Power of Mindset

In this conversation, we talked with Matt Aitchison, millennial real estate investor, wealth mentor, Top ranked podcaster, and philanthropist. During the first half of the episode, we go deep into personal development and goal setting with Matt, then we shift focus into real estate. Even before Covid-19, many were already wondering what to expect of the real estate market in 2020. Matt gives us some tips on what to look out for in the coming year ahead.

You can find Matt’s Millionaire Mindset Podcast on YouTube: @MattAitchison

Phillip McKenzie – Adaptation in a Post-Pandemic World

In this conversation, we spoke to Phillip McKenzie, Cultural Anthropologist + host and creator of The Deep Dive, a culture and insights podcast. During this episode, Phillip shares his perspective around the collective impact of crises on culture, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Craig Moss – Measure to Improve in World 2.0

In this conversation, we spoke with Craig Moss, Executive Vice President at Ethisphere + Director of Content at the Cyber Readiness Institute and Director of the Digital Supply Chain Institute.