How to “Re-engineer” Your Business for Safety

If you’re old enough, you might remember back in the 1990’s a popular business trend called process re-engineering. If you’re not old enough to remember, this is what it was: Companies would look at core processes in terms of cost, quality, and service, then pick one of those three dimensions, reinvent the process around it, and gain benefits across all three dimensions. When done well, it works.

Entrepreneurs, Look to Your Network to Help You Through the Pandemic

On March 21, 2020, just eight days after its first confirmed Covid-19 case, Guatemala’s government issued a nationwide lockdown. That same day, Marsa, an innovative and rapidly growing driving school in Quetzaltenango, the country’s second-largest city, yanked the emergency brake on a 20% fleet expansion. “We were staring at financial ruin,” recalled Saul Calderon, the company’s CEO. “Our whole family, all involved in Marsa, stayed up all night as the initial shock gave way to wracking our brains on how to respond.” But unlike many other business owners that night, Calderon had an idea of whom he could turn to for help.