Going virtual, going back? Also, how to engage Employees – Agility virtual style

| Submitted by Jim Melonas of Nteligen |

Taking our security solutions company completely virtual in a relatively short period of time was challenging and required creativity, cooperation and dedicated technical and administrative resources. Now that we are assessing a return to the office environment, we are reconsidering how the space can be used. Bringing everyone back to a shared space now would be non-productive. It may be that employees choose to work from home for the foreseeable future. The business will evolve in a way that prioritizes health and safety of employees over physical location. We have developed ways to inform employees about our company’s status, progress, achievements, challenges, plans, etc. while operating in a virtual environment. This is a continuous effort at all levels of the organization and we work diligently at it. Project teams have evolved from an agile approach to a virtual agile approach. The remote environment hasn’t changed project milestones or operations, but teams have added extra connectivity to stay productive. We noticed through screen sharing that it is easier to pair and mentor each other, which has increased productivity and effectiveness.

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  1. I personally think everyone who can work from home should all work from home.
    1. Less expensive
    2. Higher morale
    3. Better work/life balance
    4. Less distractions

    I was a part-time Virtual Assistant for more than 12 years. I have been full-time in this role since June 2019. Working remotely has allowed me to be able to remain in the workforce, increase my skills, practice leadership, and earn an income. I am also a caregiver so working this way allows me to be available for him. I am looking forward to more work at home opportunities now that companies are more open to the idea.

  2. Theresa – thanks for the thoughts. How do companies who will now increasingly utilize WFR staff maintain a sense of culture and company community? What things can they do to keep the link to their company when the ability to nurture work relationships, water-cooler chatting and teamwork is changed?

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